Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mr. Inverted Roboto

 The winter months are long and boring. Winter challenges us to find new ways to entertain ourselves.  Mallory is content drawing, coloring, "reading" or playing with her doll house. She is all girl and amazingly independent.
 Since its too cold to go outside, Papa D has created an indoor track for the kids. He chases them around, around and around. Entertainment for them and a mini workout for him.
 To pass the hours, Brady has been experimenting with his version of break dancing. This series of photos captures a few of his signature moves. Part of me admires his agility, but the other part wants to get him a helmet and neck brace.
 For some reason he has decided that his melon is the perfect axis for upside down splits and the robot.

 A rare vertical moment.....
 and back onto the head.
 Preparing for spring training. Its never to early.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 Cancun is the most beautiful place I have been in my life. Jeff won this trip through work, making it the most affordable vacation too. We were lucky enough to soak in this view for 6 glorious days.
 We attempted to redefine lazy and I think we were successful. Our usual vacations involve A LOT of activity and minute by minute scheduling. This trip we went with the "Mexican minute." Which our waiters often referred to as "a Mexican year." They run on a different clock down there and I like it so, so, so much.

We managed to pry our butts off the beach chair just long enough to take a ferry to another island. Our first stop was the cemetery. It was alive with color. It was a strange feeling walking through and seeing all the graves above ground. 

 The minute our ferry made it to Isla Mujeres the rain started and didn't stop. Unfortunately it was the one day I wore white shorts. Lovely. We were soaked to the bone, but we still managed to have a wonderful time. We explored the entire island via a kickass golf cart. With the pedal to the medal we zipped from one end to the other. The island features a couple ancient ruins. We came, we saw and we got our asses back on the ferry to find dry land......and a mango tango- Jeff's drink of choice.
 The resort was top notch. Elephant towels and all!
 A return visit is a must.

Thanks to G-ma Robin and Aunt Hailee for managing the home front while we were gone. We are so grateful. Many, many thanks. It meant the world to us.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween: The Cap'ems and Spiderman

This year the kids went all super hero on us. Spider man was a natural choice for Brady. He spends most of his time fighting crime anyway. Mallory saw the muscle suit and was immediately on board with "the cap'ems!"

 Its amazing how these costumes tap into their inner super heroes. They think they can seriously take on some real bad asses when they are wearing these suits. A squirrel nearly lost his tail when these two saw him steal an acorn that wasn't his.
 The crime rate has seen a serious decline since October 19th, the day they suited up.
 Would you mess around if you knew these crime fighters were in town??? Heck No! Look at those biceps...and those abs....these kids are for REAL!
 I have a feeling these costumes will be worn long past Oct. 31st
 Feel free to trick or treat in safety this year. Spider man and The Cap'ems got your back.....
This one might charge a small fee for your protection in the form of little boxes of nerds (her newest discovery this Halloween season). "Mom, they're tiny and delicious!"

Monday, October 21, 2013


 Jeff loves to camp, LOVES it! In his mind there are only two types of days: a good day for camping or not. Monday was the perfect day for camping. So we packed up and hit the road for Lewis and Clark State park. It was glorious, perfect and exactly how time should be spent outside.
 Both kids did amazingly well. They explored the pop up world around them. They sucked up the true spirit of Lewis and Clark. Brady couldn't wait to use his man tools to help Dad assemble our home for the night. Mr. B usually has a few tools on hand at all times. The fact that his cobalt blue wrench actually came in use for something was beyond exciting for this little camper. Throw in fire starting and I think camping just passed up cookies and girls on Brady's top 10 things in life.
 Documentation that we did in fact stay in a tent and not opt out for a warm, clean hotel.
 This picture was taken by Brady. Since the tent is front and center and we barely made the photo proves that yes, camping has passed up the family too on the favorites list.
 Can you blame him? Look
Mallory being a ham. This girl has spirit! She has now informed us that she is no longer "Malligator," she will now only reply to "Malli-piggy!" This girl renamed herself and don't you even try and talk her out of it.

Mallory takes every moment to practice writing her name. Any tools will work. Sand and a stick make for the most beautiful "m" you've ever seen.
Brady on the other hand lives for exciting walking the slack line. He was determined to take a few steps on his own, but considering the closest ER was about 100 miles away, Dad provided the safety net.
Overall camping was great. I would love to do it again.....but in a camper. Nothing fancy, just something with a bit of temperature and sound control. There was an owl that was "whooo whoo'n" his way through the night. I was about to track him down and light his feather *ss on fire. I'm a girl who needs sleep, 3 hours won't cut it. It's 9 hrs flat or this girl turns into a grizzly bear.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Neb City and Apples

 Its prime apple pick'n time! We loaded up the fam for our annual trip to Nebraska City and Arbor Day Farm. It's loads of fun.
 Brady was totally into the hay rack ride. He could care less about the apples. If there weren't trees to pick on the actual hay rack ride, then they had no value to him. Worthless! I'm pretty sure he would have pack up his things and move right onto that platform.
 Mallory on the other hand was VERY into the apples. They went from branch to mouth in about 3 seconds. She pretty much sweats apple juice now.
 The kids used Jeff to their advantage. They quickly caught on that a man who stands 6'5" has access to the golden apples at the top. The apples around the 3ft range were extremely picked over and bruised. Our little ones have pretty high apple standards and none of the ones at their reach passed toddler quality control.

 "Hey Mister one more spin around the ol'orchard!"
 Throw in a couple marshmallows, a few more ladies and a tall boy of juice and you've got Brady's version of heaven.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 This girl got her tonsils out last Thursday. Apparently, we've got enough tonsil tissue to fill a grain silo. Mallory was a trooper, but her stubborn personality outweighed her common sense. Sister was in so much pain she refused to drink.....anything.....for days! Including pain medicine. No matter how much we pleaded or what we offered her, she refused! Well before she shriveled up like a prune I took her back to the hospital, where we remained for 2 more days. The nurses referred to her as "Fort Knox." She had her lips sealed so tight, nothing was getting in! She had more drool than a newborn bulldog.
 Brady enjoyed a staycation at Grammie Lou's while Jeff and I sorted out hospital time. He wasn't thrilled his wing man was benched, but like a true gangster, he played on!
 3:00 on Saturday was the magic hour. Mallory had been holding a sucker for 3 hours and she finally gave it a lick and that was the magic key that unlocked the steal gates.
 Or it could have been the FOUR gift bags Grammie brought as bribery?? Who knows. Either way I was so grateful she started eating and drinking, and drinking and eating and drinking and eating! She also started to talk again! Quiet is not an adjective I use to describe Mallory, so it was so strange not to hear her voice.
 Today she is back to normal. More importantly she is sleeping without the crazy obstructive sleep apnea. Her tonsils were so large that they were giving each other a high five while she slept. Not cool!
Both my kids are tonsil free and hopefully our close relationship with our ENT is coming to an end. He is a wonderful man, but one I don't enjoy seeing!
 For now we are enjoying the weather and hospital free days.
See ya later alligators!